Repairs. Restores. Restructures.

Infusium 23 transforms your hair in three ways. By combining our powerful natural ingredients with our patented i-23 Complex®, we repair past damage, restore natural beauty, and restructurize each strand for a look you can only get from Infusium 23.

The i-23 Complex®

Our unique i-23 Complex is made up of 23 hair-healthy ingredients that work together to transform even the most damaged hair. This exclusive blend is the building block for all of our products, and is only available from Infusium 23. Our proprietary ingredients have been formulated to:

  • Hydrate
  • Add strength
  • Draw natural moisture
  • Add shine and lubricity
  • Improve overall hair health
  • Keep the scalp hydrated and healthy
  • Reduce styling damage and remove static
  • Create a powerful base for polypeptides and keratin proteins
The Power of Nature

We’ve combined our i-23 Complex with nutrient-rich natural ingredients to create the most powerful, hair-healthy products on the market—designed specifically for your hair needs.